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Alex Bentley

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Alex Bentley isn’t a Dallas-Fort Worth native, but with all his experience in the area, he’s the next best thing. He received his bachelor’s degree from TCU, and after a five-year sojourn to work for the Florida Marlins in Miami, he returned to the area to get his master’s degree at UNT. Prior to joining CultureMap, he worked for Pegasus News, helping deliver hyper-local news to the internet masses. He uses that experience to make CultureMap the go-to site for everything to see and do in Dallas.

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Sight of Sound

Dallas Chamber Symphony solicits entries for classically inspired film competition

By Alex Bentley

The Dallas Chamber Symphony has put out a call for entries for its second annual Sight of Sound Film Competition, which asks filmmakers around the world to submit new, short ...

C'est Si Bon

Nasher partners with world's top museums for unrivaled French sculpture archive

By Alex Bentley

The Nasher Sculpture Center has partnered with five other institutions, including four in France, to launch the French Sculpture Census, a digital archive of 7,000 French sculptures dating between ...

Spin to Win

Nasher Sculpture Center gives away irresistible Spun chairs as post-Christmas presents

By Alex Bentley

Anyone who's visited the Nasher Sculpture Center over the last few months has been witness to the provocative art of Thomas Heatherwick, including his undeniably fun Spun chairs. Now ...

NYE Event Planner

The procrastinator's guide to the best New Year's Eve parties in Dallas-Fort Worth

By Alex Bentley

Many people love to spend New Year's Eve out on the town, but with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, actually planning to go to an event ...

Unheroic Unbroken

Angelina Jolie's Unbroken fails to do justice to Louis Zamperini's life story

By Alex Bentley

If ever there was a true story that deserved big-screen treatment, it’s the life of Louis Zamperini. He packed a lifetime’s worth of events into just about 10 ...

Weekend Event Planner

Lights All Night and The Interview top best weekend events in Dallas

By Alex Bentley

Christmas takes place on a Thursday this year, which means that most of us will have a full four-day weekend to spend with our families and have fun. But what ...

Seeing is Believing

Director Tim Burton treats moviegoers with uncharacteristic Big Eyes

By Alex Bentley

Tim Burton’s films don’t normally fly under the radar, but his latest, Big Eyes, certainly has. Perhaps that’s because it has few Oscar aspirations, unlike most other ...

Merry Christmas, Kim Jong-un

Every movie theater to see The Interview in Dallas and around Texas

By Alex Bentley

Alamo Drafthouse was one of the primary proponents of Sony Pictures' releasing The Interview, and the Austin-based theater chain got the lion's share of the credit when the studio ...

Enigma Wrapped Inside a Great Movie

The Imitation Game shakes up WWII genre as smart spy thriller

By Alex Bentley

Whether we like it or not, movies about World War II continue to be popular for filmmakers because of the myriad stories that can be mined from such rich history ...

The Terrorists Didn't Win

Alamo Drafthouse can show Sony's The Interview on Christmas Day after all

By Alex Bentley

After some back-and-forth in the public arena, The Interview is back on for Christmas Day, and Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson is one of the independent theaters on the list to ...

Modern War Film

American Sniper delivers stirring tribute to Texas hero Chris Kyle

By Alex Bentley

Last we heard from director Clint Eastwood, he was fumbling his way through the adaptation of the jukebox musical Jersey Boys. So naturally he would quickly follow that up with ...

Fairy Tale Cinema

Disney's Into the Woods sings with live-theater charm

By Alex Bentley

Translating a stage musical into a movie has never been an easy job. The difficulties most often lie in replicating theater’s intimacy, as even the most grandiose of productions ...

Watch Out for the Big Balls

Dallas runners can get the snot knocked out of them at Wipeout-themed 5k

By Alex Bentley

If you've ever wanted to take a crack at the crazy obstacle courses on ABC's Wipeout​, you'll soon be able to experience the next best thing: Wipeout ...

Guy Meets Girl Onstage

Once the Musical simply enchants with music and love

By Alex Bentley

There are some musicals that try to wow audiences with pyrotechnics, vocal acrobatics or anything else to make the story pop off the stage. Once the Musical, playing at Winspear ...

Terrorists Win Again

Sony Interview fallout thwarts Alamo Drafthouse's plans to screen Team America

By Alex Bentley

An amusing plan by Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson to screen Team America: World Police in response to Sony's yanking of The Interview has been foiled. The Richardson theater has ...

America, Eff Yeah!

Alamo Drafthouse flips off North Korean hackers by showing Team America: World Police

By Alex Bentley

UPDATE: Alamo Drafthouse has canceled the screening because Team America distributor Paramount Pictures has now removed the 2004 film from release. --- The hacking of Sony Pictures by supposed North Korean ...

Weekend Event Planner

Once the Musical and Cedric the Entertainer top best weekend events in Dallas

By Alex Bentley

With one week to go before Christmas, it's no surprise that the landscape is dominated by holiday-related events. What may be a surprise, though, is that the two biggest ...

Goodbye to Middle-Earth

The Hobbit comes to lackluster end with Battle of the Five Armies

By Alex Bentley

Director Peter Jackson captured the imagination of millions of people with The Lord of the Rings trilogy by making films that were equal parts brain, brawn and emotion. When he ...

Arts & Letters Live Returns

Candice Bergen and Dennis Lehane headline 2015 Arts & Letters Live season

By Alex Bentley

The Dallas Museum of Art consistently draws in big names for its Arts & Letters Live series, and the slate for 2015 will be no different, as it features a variety ...

Comedic Genius on Display

Chris Rock gets personal in Top Five for best film of his career

By Alex Bentley

Great serious comedies — an oxymoronic term, perhaps — are in short supply. Most comedies either try to appeal to the lowest common denominator or aim high and fall short of their ...

All articles by this author.  696 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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