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Brad Seal

Brad Seal

Brad Seal once took a personality test and was informed that celebrities who shared his profile included Robin Williams, Bob Dylan, Mark Twain and Walt Disney. He still has no idea what this means but hopes it explains his love of the Muppets. Brad moonlights as an amateur chef, vegetable gardener, brewer of beer, fairly successful fantasy football player, podcast host, and not-so-professional adult kickball player. He has an M.S. in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University, and he is certified to teach in Texas. Brad is the proud papa of two terrier mixes, Noodle and Guinness.

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Tough Road Ahead

Stars and Mavs make playoffs but face long odds at actually winning titles

By Brad Seal

Early April was a good time to be a Dallas sports fan as co-American Airlines Center tenants Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars clinched post-season berths in their respective sports. The ...

Somber Sports Anniversary

After 25 years with Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones' glory days are all behind him

By Brad Seal

The number 25 is a significant one this month for Dallas Cowboys fans. February 25 marks the 25th anniversary of when an Arkansas oilman purchased the most popular and successful ...

Defense Wins Championships

From Cowboys to Rangers to Mavericks, where's the D in Dallas?

By Brad Seal

As Americans watched the Seattle Seahawks thoroughly dismantle the Denver Broncos, an old sports adage once again surfaced: Defense wins championships. If you believe a good defense will always best ...

NFL Is All About the Rings

Peyton Manning Super Bowl chatter shows Tony Romo isn't only QB under immense scrutiny

By Brad Seal

Anyone familiar with the game of football knows that it's the ultimate team sport in America. If one player doesn't do his job sufficiently, it can ruin an ...

Jerry Jones Should Take Notes

Seattle and San Francisco provide championship blueprints for Dallas

By Brad Seal

When Jerry Jones watched the AFC and NFC championship games, let's hope he was taking notes. There was a lot to learn. True, the Denver Broncos and New England ...

Dallas Trending Downward

4 painful truths point to lousy 2014 for hapless Dallas Cowboys

By Brad Seal

The dust has settled on yet another 8-8 season in which the Cowboys again lost their final game when a playoff berth was on the line. Now, the focus will ...

Cowboys Can't Win For Losing

A win against Eagles without Tony Romo could be bad for Dallas Cowboys

By Brad Seal

Cowboys fans face a bigger and bigger dilemma as each year passes following the Bill Parcells era in Dallas: Do they continue to root for their beloved Cowboys to have ...

Always Average Cowboys

With yet another embarrassing loss, mediocre Dallas Cowboys are right on schedule

By Brad Seal

Dallas Cowboys fans are stunned and irate after witnessing yet another crushing loss by their favorite NFL team. I, however, don't understand the confusion that people have about this ...

NY Wants To Bully Big D

Dez Bryant and Dallas Cowboys gotta stand up to New York trash talk

By Brad Seal

The moral tells us that if you continue poking the beehive, eventually, the bees will sting you. Either the New York Giants haven’t heard that story, or they don ...

It's Showtime, Dallas

Dallas Cowboys must seize opportunity to exorcise Detroit demons this week

By Brad Seal

It's fitting that in late October, the Cowboys find themselves haunted by yet another inexplicable loss. After giving away a game to the Detroit Lions that a team should ...

It's Cowboys Time

Perfect storm in NFC East spells playoff opportunity for Dallas Cowboys

By Brad Seal

The phrase "there's no time like the present" should be plastered on every wall at Valley Ranch for the next month. During that span, the Dallas Cowboys have a ...

Team Tony

Tony Romo isn't what's wrong with the Cowboys — everything else is

By Brad Seal

During the gut-wrenching end of the latest Cowboys setback, I watched another Tony Romo turnover seal the team's fate and steeled myself for the inevitable onslaught of irrational Romo ...

What's the truth?

Jerry Jones goes into spin mode after concerning NFL draft choices

By Brad Seal

There is no reason for Jerry Jones to ever admit he made a mistake during the 2013 draft. First of all, no NFL general manager would do that and secondly ...

Too Little Too Late

Decent NFL draft won't be enough to lead Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl

By Brad Seal

The reality of the 2013 NFL draft is that we don’t know yet. You can read draft grades, listen to expert analysis, and watch television blowhards for three weeks ...

He'll Wear the Star

Meet your uninspiring new Dallas Cowboy

By Brad Seal

How hard is it to be a Dallas Cowboys fan these days? The team can't even get fair value when they trade down. The Cowboys were in a tough ...

Cowboys Forecast

Jerry Jones' love for playmakers may cause Cowboys to squander the draft

By Brad Seal

Just about week ago, I wrote an article discussing which players the Cowboys might spend their first-round draft pick on. Naturally, the majority of options involved drafting someone to fill ...

New Talent Coming

Can the Dallas Cowboys overcome the Jerry Jones draft curse and finally pick a winner?

By Brad Seal

The NFL is well into the free-agency period, but you don’t hear a peep out of the Dallas Cowboys. That’s what happens when the owner plays chicken with ...

Decisions, Decisions

How can the Dallas Mavericks become relevant again? 3 ways to turn the team around

By Brad Seal

Even the most delusional Mavericks fan knows that the odds are long for Dallas to make the playoffs this year, let alone contend for a championship. When this NBA season ...

A smart home is a happy home

Stop throwing money out the window: 6 easy steps to optimize your home's energy efficiency

By Brad Seal

Not to depress anyone, but do you remember the cost of gasoline just 15 years ago? In 1998, drivers spent about a dollar for a gallon of gas. Prices have ...

Who Are We?

Dallas Cowboys won't compete for a Super Bowl until they solve their identity crisis

By Brad Seal

The final four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs have one thing in com mon — identifiable strengths. To wit:  Atlanta: A big-play passing game featuring quarterback Matt Ryan and three ...

All articles by this author.  27 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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