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Elaine Liner

Elaine Liner

Elaine Liner has been writing about arts, media and pop culture since the mid-1980s. Formerly a columnist at daily newspapers (remember those?), she co-founded and the literary magazine Salad. Now a freelance journalist and playwright, Elaine has won awards from the Associated Press, Women in Communications, Dallas Press Club and the Texas Non-Profit Theatre Festival. She earned a degree in theater from Trinity University and a master's in liberal arts from SMU.

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A Different Kind of Cliffhanger

TNT's Dallas flames out in season 3 finale

By Elaine Liner

This week,   Dallas   tried to go out in a blaze of glory. But as they’ve done for most episodes in this, its third season as a reboot on cable ...

Bobby Ewing Goes Off the Rails

Kidnappers cook up a dramatic stew for the Ewings on TNT's Dallas

By Elaine Liner

It’s a family with money and power. The public has long been fascinated by their charisma and how they became a beloved American dynasty. They are, of course, the ...

Ewings Botch the IPO

John Ross fails at the two things he was good at on TNT's Dallas

By Elaine Liner

With a nearly five-month break between the first half of this season of Dallas on TNT and the episodes running now, some plot elements and characters have faded into the ...

Rocket-Fueled TV Feuds

TNT's Dallas buries another character — but you won't miss him

By Elaine Liner

The graveyard at Southfork just got another resident. That would be Drew Ramos, the shady, maybe-drug-smuggling-arsonist character played by Kuno Becker. This week’s episode of TNT’s Dallas — the ...

Dallas Could Learn From Mad Men

TNT's Dallas midseason finale sets Southfork — not series — on fire

By Elaine Liner

What if Dallas episodes were as well-crafted as those of cable's best series, Mad Men? What if they were written with wit and style? What if they actually gave ...

Southfork Shenanigans

Everyone wants a piece of the Ewings on TNT's Dallas

By Elaine Liner

Fists flew and the double dealing doubled down on a frenetic episode of Dallas this week. The TNT cable series has its half-season finale next Monday night, April 14, so ...

Booze and Betrayal at Southfork

Josh Henderson gets caught acting on TNT's Dallas

By Elaine Liner

His lips move, but the rest of his face stays stony still. Josh Henderson, the young actor who plays John Ross Ewing, J.R. and Sue Ellen's son, maintains ...

Saucy Southfork Antics

TNT's Dallas defines some relationships: Sue Ellen loves her flask

By Elaine Liner

The title of this week's Dallas episode is "D.T.R.," Internet-ese for "defining the relationship." And that's what all the characters tried to do, with most of ...

John Ross Puts a Ring On It

7 important things we learned from watching TNT's Dallas this week

By Elaine Liner

Next time you drive down Swiss Avenue, try to spot the whorehouse. According to this week's Dallas on TNT, one of those mansions is a secret sex club, just ...

Fowl Behavior at Southfork

Dallas lays an egg: Plotlines get scrambled in dull episode of TNT reboot

By Elaine Liner

About 3 million viewers a week are watching this third season of Dallas on cable's TNT, according to ratings estimates. But with any more episodes like this week's ...

Let There Be Judith Light

Judith Light returns to TNT's Dallas as deliciously evil queen

By Elaine Liner

The TV gods heard our prayers: Judith Light is back on Dallas. Playing Judith Ryland, matriarch of a rival family to the Ewings of Southfork, Light was abruptly written off ...

Bust-ups and Betrayals at Southfork

Sue Ellen's off the wagon and John Ross is ridin' high in TNT's Dallas season 3 premiere

By Elaine Liner

Deep in the piney woods of Southfork Ranch — you know, that "forest" up there in Parker, Texas, where the Ewing ranch lies — Bobby Ewing, as always played by Patrick Duffy ...

Knotty Theater

Longtime Dallas arts writer tackles love and knitting in debut play

By Elaine Liner

Editor’s note: Longtime Dallas arts writer Elaine Liner, whom we are honored to call a CultureMap contributor, sent out a press release today about her solo comedy, Sweater Curse ...

Swellin' for Sue Ellen

7 ways TNT's Dallas could strike oil in season 3

By Elaine Liner

Editor's note: TV critic Elaine Liner wrote this last May, when it was confirmed Dallas would return to TNT for another season. With the premiere coming up Monday, February ...

Guess Who Shot J.R.

J.R. Ewing gets parting shot on Dallas season 2 finale

By Elaine Liner

With blackmail plots, frame-ups and more double crosses than two chimps playing tic-tac-toe, the season finale of Dallas finally answered some big questions. Among them, where’s this show going ...

Scowls and Suspense

Ewings get anxious as Dallas sets up Pamela's return

By Elaine Liner

Everyone’s so tense on Dallas this season. No wonder Emma Ryland, the tarty equestrian played by Emma Bell, is hooked on benzos. When weepy birth mom Annie Ewing (Brenda ...

Ewings Are Losing It

Tarty Emma Bell and shady Steven Weber pump up flat plotline on Dallas

By Elaine Liner

The original Dallas had its Lucy, the tarty little blonde played by Charlene Tilton. The new Dallas on TNT has its version of loosey-goosey Lucy in the character Emma Ryland ...

Majors as Minor Character

Bombshell Audrey Landers returns and Linda Gray gets a major romance on Dallas

By Elaine Liner

This season of Dallas on TNT keeps jumping into the Wayback Machine. Destination: late 1980s Dallas, with a side trip this week to 1970s Six Million Dollar Man. We’ve ...

Ewings Go Boom

Oil rigs blow up and people fall down in post-J.R. era of Dallas

By Elaine Liner

So begins the post-J.R. era of Dallas on TNT. This week’s episode, “Ewings United!,” written by Bruce Rasmussen and directed by Steve Robin, had plots and characters tripping ...

Cue the sad songs

Real-life local heavies make wake-scene cameos as Dallas lays J.R. Ewing to rest

By Elaine Liner

This time J.R. Ewing really is dead. Episode 8 of the second season of Dallas on TNT put the character in the ground once and for all, with veteran ...

All articles by this author.  34 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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