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Jonathan Rienstra

Jonathan Rienstra

Jonathan grew up in Dallas, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism and returned to Dallas, where he landed a job as staff writer at CultureMap. After a year or so of covering primarily the local bar scene, he packed up and moved to Crested Butte, Colorado, where he continues to drink. His interests include UT football, listening to Willie Nelson while driving through the Hill Country and debating Breaking Bad symbolism. He reads books but doesn't talk about it. A perfect Sunday would involve floating the Comal River with a St. Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower. He has been to Oklahoma, but only on a dare. He misses Dunk-a-roos but nothing else about the ’90s. 

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Come Fly With Me

New Dallas company makes private jets affordable for frequent flyers

By Jonathan Rienstra

As marvelous a technology as air travel is, the airport ranks up there with the doctor’s office and the DMV on the list of “I wish I was anywhere ...

What Dads Really Deserve

A fool-proof guide to what Dallas dads really want for Father's Day

By Jonathan Rienstra

Dads are pretty great. They play catch with us and know how long raw meat should be placed over an open fire. They kill bugs and give piggyback rides and ...

Cowtown Pride

Fort Worth trounces all of Texas to win title as most country-minded city in America

By Jonathan Rienstra

Fort Worthians (Fort Worthers?) can add a point to their side of the Dallas-Fort Worth scoreboard as it appears that Cowtown is the most "country-minded" big city in America, while ...

Dating 101

Order the right drink on a first date or you could die alone

By Jonathan Rienstra

First dates are fraught with myriad speed bumps that could thwart a sequel to dinner and a movie. You can talk about yourself too much or bring up religion or ...

Drinking Diaries

Last call: The 5 indisputably greatest drinking columns in CultureMap history

By Jonathan Rienstra

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but this is my last Drinking Diaries column. Bet you didn’t even know that was a thing, did you? Well it is ...

Craft Beer Candy

Jelly Belly introduces first beer-flavored bean thanks to science

By Jonathan Rienstra

Jelly beans are great candies, but they don’t remind you of beer, which is a huge letdown. Fortunately, Jelly Belly has created a "draft beer" flavor, because nothing says ...

Thanks For Everything, Mike

Rangers legend Michael Young returns to Arlington to bid baseball adieu

By Jonathan Rienstra

Former Rangers infielder and icon Michael Young is stepping away from the game after 14 years. Young, 37, told Fox Sports he wanted to spend more time with his wife ...

The Manse Is Fance

Haute Dallas dining room dubbed one of the best hotel restaurants in America

By Jonathan Rienstra

Everyone knows the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is one of those places reserved for special occasions. But according to Fox News, it is also one of the 10 best ...

The Anti-Valentine's Day Guide

How to celebrate Valentine's Day the way it's meant to be: alone

By Jonathan Rienstra

Valentine’s Day is great if you’ve got a valentine. If you don’t, it can be an exercise in patience. All these couples, spending half their paychecks on ...

Boozy News

4 Dallas bars deserve a toast for pouring the best cocktails in the South

By Jonathan Rienstra

It seems that when Southern Living editors come to Dallas, they’re hankering for a cocktail or two. The estimable publication recently released a list of the 100 best bars ...

This Week in Gluttony

Chinese New Year celebrations top best food and drink events in Dallas

By Jonathan Rienstra

The Super Bowl is this weekend, so everything else is largely irrelevant. But bosses sometimes disagree with that sentiment, so here are five foodie things to do this week that ...

The Great TCU TP Debate

TCU's one-ply toilet paper reign of terror nears end

By Jonathan Rienstra

Never say that student government is an intractable, inefficient entity full of résumé-padders. If it were, then how could you explain TCU’s Student Government Association’s recent ...

Drinking Diaries

Trinity Groves' Luck harkens the next step in Dallas' craft beer evolution

By Jonathan Rienstra

At this point, it’s something of a cliché to mention how much the craft beer scene in North Texas has exploded in the last couple of years. It’s ...

Cruise the Craft Brewers

The best North Texas brewery tours to get your weekend beer on

By Jonathan Rienstra

Craft beer is delicious, but it’s even more delicious when you drink it at the source. Fortunately, North Texas breweries are an accommodating bunch and offer tours so you ...

Business Matchmakers

Innovative Dallas nonprofit plays matchmaker for executives and charities

By Jonathan Rienstra

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, unemployment reached highs that hadn’t been seen in decades. Although workers at all levels felt the squeeze, Ashlee and Chris Kleinart noticed ...

The Loveliest of Hallmark Holidays

Plan the perfect date night with our Valentine's Day Dallas restaurant guide

By Jonathan Rienstra, Teresa Gubbins

It might seem too far away to consider, but there's nothing worse than an upset valentine and nowhere to go for dinner. With that in mind, we've put ...

Retail Woes

Floundering JC Penney continues losing streak by closing dozens of stores

By Jonathan Rienstra

JC Penney just can’t seem to do anything right these days. After an unfortunate incident with a teapot resembling Hitler and an even more unfortunate mention on 24/7 ...

This Week in Gluttony

A bevy of wine dinners top booziest food and drink events in Dallas

By Jonathan Rienstra

We sure hope you enjoy wine. After weeks of beer dinners, wine has decided that it’s tired of playing second fiddle and has returned with a strong lineup, including ...

Links We Love

Storm porn, baby polar bears and more links we love right now

By Jonathan Rienstra

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best ...

Drinking Diaries

Longtime Dallas watering hole Stoneleigh P bridges generation between father and son

By Jonathan Rienstra

I don’t think it was until my sophomore year of college that I truly grasped the concept that my parents had been people before I was born. Obviously, there ...

All articles by this author.  503 Results. Showing 1 to 20
Page 1 of 26

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