17th International Theatre Festival: Parting Memories

Parting Memories
Photo courtesy of Violeta Luna

As part of the 17th International Theatre Festival, Violeta Luna (Without words) presents Parting Memories, a one-act performance piece without words that is a collage of actions based on the Luna’s Border TRIP (tych) collaboration with the SF based collective Secos & Mojados.

Parting Memories explores an immigrant’s journey, forever condemned, or freed, by the space in-between the land she leaves, and the land awaiting on the other side, in the cracks and fractures of the borderland she has to rebuild a new identity and sense of self. The central witness, whose voice appears on the soundtrack of the piece, is Rosa Molina, mother of musician / composer (and member of the collective) David Molina, who narrates episodes in the history of migration from El Salvador to the United States. This is the David’s story and, in a deeper sense, the story of all those who are forced to leave their home, overwhelmed by violent political, economic and social processes.

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2.6.16 | 3:00 pm


Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Rd.
Dallas, TX 75208


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