2014 Dallas International Film Festival: Shorts Program 2

Chelsea Rendon as Laura in Ni-Ni. Photo by Alex Lombardi

Shorts Program 2 at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival will include the following:

Tobacco Burn: Decades before the Civil War, the actions of a brutal overseer spark the fire of revolution on a Southern tobacco farm.

Random Stop: On his way home at the end of his shift, Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Dinkheller made one final stop. Based on tragic true events.

I Was A Teenage Girl: Emma and Jesse are close friends. One night, after an intense breakup, they have a heartfelt conversation that challenges the boundaries of their friendship in an unexpected way.

Ni-Ni: A lonely street thug yearns for a better life after he bumps into a girl from his past and remembers the boy he used to be.

Tryouts: Being a teenager isn’t easy, especially for Nayla, a Muslim American girl who wants to join her new high school’s cheer leading squad.

Aftermath: In a new, predatory ice age, two brothers search for a place to call home.

Verbatim: A jaded lawyer wastes an afternoon trying to figure out if a dim-witted government employee has ever used a photocopier. All the dialogue in this short comes from an actual deposition filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Event Details


4.6.14 | 5:30 pm
4.5.14 | 12:30 pm


5321 E. Mockingbird Ln.
Dallas, TX 75206