2014 Lone Star Film Festival: Rover

Rover movie
Rover screens at AMC Palace 9 on Thursday, November 6, as part of the 2014 Lone Star Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Lone Star Film Festival

In their dilapidated church headquarters, a greatly diminished and dispirited cult awaits the sign to off themselves. Their hapless leader, Dave, concocts a plan: to quell infighting and give them purpose in life before their deaths, he fakes a prophecy instructing them to make a movie and share their story with the world.

There's just one problem: they don't know the first thing about film production. So they recruit a director, and in the production of the movie, the once-disparate cult members find a uniting purpose. But just as they hit their stride, Dave receives a true prophecy. It's time for them to "exit."

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11.6.14 | 9:30 pm


AMC Palace 9
220 E. Third St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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