2014 Oak Cliff Film Festival: Cinema 16 Shorts

Oak Cliff Film Festival 2014
Photo courtesy of Oak Cliff Film Festival

The 2014 Oak Cliff Film Festival will present Cinema 16 Shorts, which will include the following:

Blood on the Window: Shot entirely on 16mm film, "Blood on the Window" is a series of meditations on photographs in which the filmmaker tries to grapple with his current psychological and physical state after a serious car accident that left him without a memory of the trauma.

Skile: Can one person change the world? My father thought he could - by making music and writing novels. But in the end he only grew more frustration and disappointment. Finally he realized he should change himself, instead of others. And through changing himself he's witnessed a miracle that the world around him is changing as well.

Spectrums: An experimental exploration of filmic poetry focused on color.

Word: A bunch of worms have an existential crisis.

Tall Evil: In this fast paced world, no one has time for diversity.

Mining for Muybridge: An experimental documentary shot on 35mm and developed unconventionally, director Tim Cole explores the work and life of Eadweard Muybridge.

Abstract: A visual meditation of color, form, and time.

The Silly Bastard Next to The Bed: JFK places a salty call to his staff, questioning a potentially embarrassing expenditure. The blowback is hilarious… and a little haunting.

How to Simplify and Organize: A short film to help you simplify and organize your life.

Zozobra: The burn of zozobra.

Event Details


6.21.14 | 4:00 pm


817 W. 7th St. #110
Dallas, TX 75208


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