2014 USA Film Festival: Animated Shorts

The USA Film Festival will celebrate some of the many forms of animation - hand-drawn, watercolor, stop-motion, CGI and more - in this vibrant showcase.

An outcast finds a friend in Meirav Haber’s Stan; an accountant takes a leap of faith in Paul O Muiris’ Ledge End of Phil, from Accounting; Joanna Priestley explores abstract patterns in her trippy film Split Ends; cardboard Jack tries to mend his (literally) broken heart in Joseph Oxford’s Me+Her; a pig protects his town in Megan Bartel and Robert Kondo’s The Dam Keeper; bunny cookies strike their revenge in Scout Raskin’s Bakerman & the Bunnymen; a swimmer relishes sights at the local pool in Bill Plympton’s Deep End; a showbiz bunny escapes in Steve McClean’s Fluffo; young boys find adventure in Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace’s Mirage and Vlad Marsavin’s Sebastian; Jack tempts fate in Michael Zachary Huber’s Driven; and books break out of their shelves in Lorena Fernandez’ Dance of the Books.


Event Details


4.26.14 | 9:00 pm


5321 E. Mockingbird Ln.
Dallas, TX 75206


Ticket Info

Admission is free.