2014 USA Film Festival: Non-fiction Shorts

A Quiet Strength
Scene from A Quiet Strength. A Quiet Strength/Facebook

The USA Film Festival will present a series of Non-Fiction Shorts. A single mom with two jobs raises her family in Bobbie Baird’s A Quiet Strength; a man puts his music dreams on hold for the family business in Philip Knowlton’s Flower Shop; locals try to resist the urge in Meg Smaker’s Methel Island; photojournalists document war in Matthew VanDyke’s Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution and Steven Kochones’ The War Photographers; a Mormon family redefines its beliefs in Vivian Kleiman’s Families are Forever; Anya Belkina creates a moving portrait of her father, computer pioneer Bashir Rameyev, in System Preferences; and Emily Harrold sheds light on a dark history in Reporting on the Times: The New York Times and the Holocaust.


Event Details


4.26.14 | 9:00 pm


5321 E. Mockingbird Ln.
Dallas, TX 75206


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Admission is free.