2015 Dallas International Film Festival: Hollow

Hollow movie
Photo courtesy of Dallas International Film Festival

One of the best things about childhood is that it’s carefree and safe, right? Well, those notions are quickly shattered in Ham Tran’s Hollow.

The film centers on Ai, a typical young girl who wants nothing more than to play and have fun like any other kid. When she goes missing after falling into a river, her family becomes frantic and fears the worst. After a week goes by, they begin to fear they have lost little Ai forever…that is until she mysteriously shows back up and is seemingly okay. Relief sweeps over Ai’s family as they try to return to normalcy, but when strange things begin to happen they fear little Ai is just not the same.

Hollow is a chilling and terrifying film that represents Vietnamese horror at its finest.

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4.17.15 | 10:30 pm
4.16.15 | 10:30 pm


5321 E. Mockingbird Ln.
Dallas, TX 75206


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