2015 Dallas International Film Festival: Do I Sound Gay?

Do I Sound Gay?
Photo courtesy of Dallas International Film Festival

Unsatisfied with the person he is—freshly single, in his 40s, and struggling with confidence—filmmaker David Thorpe decides to tackle his anxiety head on. Uncomfortable with sounding “too gay,” he meets with a speech pathologist to discover his true voice. What began as a personal journey quickly became a larger examination of sexuality and identity.

Through discussions with David Sedaris, Dan Savage, Tim Gunn, his close friends, vocal coaches and the general public, Thorpe explores how our society acts towards effeminate speech, a history of what is considered a “gay voice,” and how it can often trigger hate and harassment. A witty and insightful documentary, Do I Sound Gay? reminds us that being comfortable and authentic in your own voice—no matter how it sounds—is ultimately what’s most important.

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4.12.15 | 2:30 pm
4.11.15 | 10:15 pm


Angelika Film Center & Cafe
5321 E. Mockingbird Ln.
Dallas, TX 75206


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