Arts & Letters Live: Emily St. John Mandel - Hope & Art After the Apocalypse

Emily St. John Mandel
Emily St. John Mandel Photo by Dese'Rae L. Stage Photography

Emily St. John Mandel’s bestselling novel Station Eleven centers on a nomadic group of actors roaming a post-apocalyptic North America in the aftermath of a flu pandemic. The Traveling Symphony go from town to town and risk everything for the sake of preserving art and humanity, striving to live honorably in a damaged world.

A 2014 National Book Award Finalist, Station Eleven is equal parts mystery novel and post-apocalyptic tale. The characters’ passionate pursuit of preserving “the best about the world” infuses the story with hope.

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6.24.16 | 7:30 pm


Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N. Harwood St.
Dallas, TX 75201


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