AT&T Performing Arts Center presents Off Broadway on Flora: The Second City Summer Blockbuster

The Second City Summer Blockbuster
Photo courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

The Second City opened its doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959. No one could have guessed that this small cabaret theatre would become the most influential and prolific comedy theatre in the world. With its roots in the improvisational games of Viola Spolin, The Second City developed an entirely unique way of creating and performing comedy. Founded by Spolin’s son, Paul Sills, along with Howard Alk and Bernie Sahlins, The Second City was experimental and unconventional in its approach to both theatre and comedy. At a time when mother-in-law jokes were more the fashion, The Second City railed against the conformist culture with scenes that spoke to a younger generation.

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6.6.18 | 7:30 pm
6.7.18 | 7:30 pm
6.8.18 | 8:00 pm
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6.9.18 | 8:00 pm


2400 Flora St.
Dallas, TX 75201