Carmen de la Calle: A New Latino Musical

Carmen de la Calle
Photo courtesy of Latino Cultural Center

Set in 1989 San Antonio and the present, Carmen de la Calle, an adaptation of Bizet’s opera, delves into themes of passion and envy while portraying the lives and struggles of the marginalized working class of South Texas. The musicals highlights the hybrid of Tex-Mex culture by incorporating melodramatic novelas (Mexican soap operas), spoken word, bilingualism and pop culture. It will feature a diversity of Texas music, including Tex-Mex Conjunto, hip-hop, country music, adaptations of traditional Mexican standards and even punk rock.

Contact the Latino Cultural Center at 214-671-0045 for ticket information.

Event Details


3.8.14 | 7:30 pm
3.8.14 | 12:00 pm


2600 Live Oak St.
Dallas, TX 75204