CiboDivino Marketplace presents Father’s Day Cook-Out

CiboDivino Marketplace
Photo courtesy of CiboDivino Marketplace

CiboDivino Marketplace will host the perfect Father’s Day Cook-Out on the lawn and patio area of the marketplace. Guests will choose from a selection of 44 Farms steak cuts, prepared by chef Ryan Olmos, and enjoy classic sides and pasta salads to round off a delicious meal. Guests can also perfectly pair their food with one of CiboDivino’s 11 craft beers on tap or one of Daniele Puleo’s top picks for vino, including varietals from his own label, Puleo.

Since this is a family affair, games will be made available for the whole family to enjoy on the lawn. Guests are even encouraged to stop by the patio to enjoy their specialty steaks and mouthwatering sides with their loved ones.

Event Details


6.18.17 | 12:00 pm


1868 Sylvan Ave. #D100
Dallas, TX 75208