Cohn Drennan Contemporary presents Robert Milnes: I’m (Moving on/Alright) opening reception

Cohn Drennan Contemporary presents Robert Milnes
Photo courtesy of Cohn Drennan Contemporary

Cohn Drennan Contemporary will present an exhibition of ceramic work by Robert Milnes titled I’m (Moving on/Alright). The earthenware series in the exhibition include Milnes’ “big heads” that play with the notion of what it means to know something, or to believe you know something.

The exhibition also includes a series of wall hanging sculptures influenced by the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein such as 2.014 from Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Objects contain the possibility of all states of affairs.  Milnes’ objects invoke “W”ittgenstein queries such as “what”, “where”, “when”, “why” or “who.”

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through July 26.

Event Details


6.28.14 | 6:00 pm


4118 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226


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Admission is free.