Conduit Gallery presents Catherine Howe: Ebb and Flow opening reception

Interference Mica by Catherine Howe
Interference Mica Painting, 2015 by Catherine Howe Photo courtesy of Conduit Gallery

Conduit Gallery presents Ebb and Flow, a solo exhibition of work by New York based artist, Catherine Howe.

The iridescent white gold grounds of Catherine Howe's large canvases are the beginning point of a highly alchemical and process-driven studio practice for Catherine Howe, whose long career as a figurative painter has recently given way to swift, fluid representations of vases and still lives. Having carefully selected her materials, Howe's execution is always spontaneous. Inspired by Dutch Baroque paintings delight in the object and the decorative, Howe looks to paintings about paintings. The energetic broad brush strokes sit atop an alchemical mélange of sparkly Carborundum grit, silver leaf and interference mica pigment suspended in acrylic resin. These pours give an opalescent, reflective quality to the surface.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through March 26.

Event Details


2.20.16 | 6:00 pm


1636 Hi Line Dr. #C
Dallas, TX 75207


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Admission is free.