Conduit Gallery presents Annette Lawrence: Standard Time artist reception

August 2013 by Annette Lawrence
Photo courtesy of Conduit Gallery

Annette Lawrence has created a monthly visual representation of 25 years of journal writing into 12 graphite drawings on paper and a multi-layered suspended transparent photo print installation. The presence or absence of Lawrence's journal entries per day, month, and year are codified and transcribed into darkened or empty cells within circular grids. The graphite drawings reveal the mark of Lawrence's hand while maintaining the privacy of the written words. Lawrence creates a system that offers a cumulative view of day-to-day actions in two and three dimensions. The large circular grids create patterns reminiscent of labyrinths, celestial charts and pre-Columbian calendars.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through February 13.

Event Details


1.9.16 | 6:00 pm


Conduit Gallery
1636 Hi Line Dr. #C
Dallas, TX 75207


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Admission is free.