Dallas Architecture Forum presents Fred Kent

Fred Kent
Photo courtesy of Dallas Architecture Forum

Fred Kent is the Founder and President of Project for Public Spaces (PPS), the premier center for best practices, information and resources on Placemaking.  PPS helps people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. Fred Kent is widely recognized as a leading authority on revitalizing city spaces and one of the foremost thinkers in livability, smart growth and the future of the city.  Before founding PPS, Fred obtained multiple degrees from Columbia and studied with Margaret Mead.  He also worked with William H. Whyte on the Street Life Project in New York City. The research resulted in the now classic book, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, a definitive work on human behavior in the urban environment.

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5.4.16 | 7:00 pm


The Magnolia Theatre
3699 McKinney Ave. #100
Dallas, TX 75204


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