Dallas Architecture Forum presents Retail Space: What Works in Dallas

Barry Hand
Barry Hand Photo courtesy of Barry Hand

The birthplace of Neiman Marcus and home to NorthPark Center, Dallas is a city whose identity has been built on the art of retail excellence. From fine dining to world-class luxury shopping that bridges art and fashion, Dallas has in many ways set the highest standard for retail across the nation. In recent years, however, there has been a noticeable shift towards themed, gimmicky trends, in both shopping and dining.

Fighting to break free of a cycle of trends, consumers are now searching for undeniable authenticity and lasting culture. Shaking off buzzwords, they instead want immersive, visceral experiences. This panel will explore the future of the retail landscape, and how innovative design can shape memorable environments and genuine experiences. The discussion will be moderate by Barry Hand.

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6.13.17 | 6:30 pm


Dallas Black Dance Theatre
2700 Ann Williams Way
Dallas, TX 75201


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Admission is free.