Dallas Children's Theater presents Eat (It’s Not About Food)

Dallas Children's Theater presents Eat (It’s Not About Food)
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Eat (It’s Not About Food), presented by the Teen Scene Players, dramatizes and decodes the baffling world of eating disorders in boys and girls through a series of scenes ranging from realistic to satirical to humorous. Candidly exploring causes and warning signs, playwright Linda Daugherty takes a hard look at how society and the media influence self-identity.

In Eat (It’s Not About Food), we see individual stories of young people struggling with this epidemic, and all too often tragic problem. Follow the difficult journey of 14-year-old Amy, whose struggle to recover from an eating disorder leads to hospitalization, affecting her family and friends.

Join experts from the Dallas community in a post-show discussion about ways to help our young people deal with these very real challenges.

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2.19.17 | 4:30 pm
2.19.17 | 1:30 pm
2.18.17 | 7:30 pm
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2.17.17 | 7:30 pm
2.12.17 | 4:30 pm
2.12.17 | 1:30 pm
2.11.17 | 7:30 pm
2.10.17 | 7:30 pm


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