Dallas Comedy House presents A Brief, Endless Love

Dallas Comedy House presents A Brief, Endless Love
Photo by Kim Lyle

A Brief, Endless Love explores the indescribable joy, pain and fear of loving and being loved. From frightened new parents bringing their baby home for the first time, to two loveless strangers meeting on a ledge in the nick of time, to a story about a highly unorthodox orgy, to Thomas Jefferson’s anatomically correct first draft of The Declaration of Independence, to adult siblings whose short attention spans make mourning their parents’ unusually difficult, A Brief, Endless Love deftly weaves eccentric, irreverent tales rife with wit and compassion.

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6.24.17 | 9:00 pm
6.23.17 | 9:00 pm
6.17.17 | 9:00 pm
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6.16.17 | 9:00 pm
6.10.17 | 9:00 pm
6.9.17 | 9:00 pm
6.3.17 | 9:00 pm
6.2.17 | 9:00 pm


3025 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75226


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