The Dividends in concert

Sarah Jaffe is a singer- songwriter from Denton, Texas. Jaffe’s self-released her first EP titled Even Born Again, gained recognition from Rolling Stone and the Dallas Observer. In late 2009, she was signed to Kirtland Records and released her first full-length album, Suburban Nature, in May 2010.

Larry D. Griffin Jr., professionally known as Symbolyc One or S1, is an American music producer from Waco, Texas. He founded the group Strange Fruit Project and is signed to Kanye West’s Very Good Beats as a producer. In his role as main producer of the group Strange Fruit Project, Griffin’s style and production range includes R&B, soul, underground and urban/crossover pop.

Symbolyc One and Sarah Jaffe first met at a session where Jaffe collaborated with The Cannabinioids to collaborate on a remix of Jaffe’s hit single, Glorified High. After that meeting, S1 anf Sarah connected and collaborated on more music and this the birth of The Dividends.

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6.24.16 | 7:00 pm


2709 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226


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