Embrey Human Rights Program presents The Mitzvah Project

Roger Grunwald
Roger Grunwald Photo courtesy of The Mitzvah Project

The Mitzvah Project is a one-person, one-act play about a German half-Jew who became a decorated officer for the Third Reich during World War II.

Performance artist Roger Grunwald partnered with Broadway actor Annie McGreevey to co-write the drama, which focuses on the history and fate of tens of thousands of German “Mischlinge,” – the Nazis’ derogatory term for people with one or two Jewish grandparents. The show centers on the tragic story of one such “Mischling,” who became an officer in the German army.

In the play, Grunwald brings to life three characters: Christoph, the “Mischling” soldier; Schmuel, a Polish Jew from Bialystok; and The Chorus, a Groucho Marx-esque comedian/philosopher who provides edgy commentary.

The event will be followed by a lecture and Q&A session.

Event Details


9.15.16 | 7:15 pm


Collins Executive Education Center at SMU
3150 Binkley Ave.
Dallas, TX 75275


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Admission is free.