Gallery One Two Three presents Melissa Auberty and Larry Whiteley: Force of Nature opening reception

Sculpture by Larry Whiteley
Photo courtesy of Gallery One Two Three

Although they work in different mediums, artists Melissa Auberty and Larry Whiteley share a deep connection to the natural world. A raw, sensual connection to the rugged Texas landscape informs Force of Nature, an exhibition of their latest paintings and sculptures.

Auberty, known for her large blue horses, has some on view, along with smaller horse sketches and collages. Featured, however, are her latest large paintings in expressionistic strokes of color, depicting stacks of undulating wood, and floating bones, as well as expansive color fields with organic lines that appear to be trees, sticks or riverlets. One 8 ft. tall canvas depicts tangled limbs and vines, pulling the viewer into a wooded thicket that at once feels peaceful and threatening.

Whiteley works in steel and bronze, hammering and twisting shapes that also seem to be from a wild dreamscape. Known for his beautiful, shimmering nests, Whiteley has created new works that combine both delicacy and power, such as polished birds in flight, or resting on an outstretched twig, juxtaposed against large, hammered shapes that reference trees, organic pods that seem to burst open, and a large steel sculpture that curls root-like downward, then thrusts toward the sky.

The gallery is yet another great space that has opened in the newest art bastion on the west side of the Design District. Serving as Auberty’s studio in the rear area, visitors can enjoy the white gallery up front, wander through the creative studio and out into the Zen-like back garden to enjoy the view.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through May 21.

Event Details


4.23.16 | 5:00 pm


Gallery One Two Three
123 Payne St.
Dallas, TX 75207


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Admission is free.