Haley-Henman at Gallery 422 presents Brenda McKinney: What is Your Mantra? opening reception

Haley-Henman presents Brenda McKinney
Photo courtesy of Haley-Henman at Gallery 422

Haley-Henman will present Brenda McKinney: What Is Your Mantra? at Gallery 422 from October 1-25, 2014. The opening reception with the artist is Saturday, October 11 from 6-8 pm.

This exhibit is the second solo show for McKinney presented by Haley-Henman at Gallery 422.  Her new works are collaged mandalas that express metaphors of social and cultural realities. Professor McKinney uses symbols from various cultures that represent courage, leadership, physical strength, prestige, versatility, excellence, encouragement, and good health.  The materials are recycled from postcards, maps, paint swatches and other printed advertising.

She sets them into the symmetry of the mandala to bring forth a reflection of one’s place in the mandalic pattern of the cosmos.  Your reaction to a mandala or mandalas will elicit your mantra. What is your mantra and how will it transform your vision of self, community, the world and the universe?

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10.11.14 | 6:00 pm


Gallery 422
422 Singleton Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75212

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Admission is free.