Haley-Henman Gallery presents Cindy J. Holmes: "Thus Spake Derrida" opening reception

Haley-Henman Gallery presents  Cindy J. Holmes: Thus Spake Derrida
Cindy J. Holmes, "Walking Man," acrylic on canvas, 35 x 36 inches Photo courtesy of Haley-Henman Gallery

This is Cindy J. Holmes' third solo exhibition at Haley-Henman, which focuses on the human figure. For this exhibition she pushed the boundaries toward abstraction. Instead of reintegrating elements of realism into painting, such as what the Bay Area artists did when they went beyond Abstract Expressionism, Holmes has another existential position by starting with realism and then taking it apart. She breaks the rules of figurative work, and in this deconstructed way, removes the binary oppositions of beauty/ugly, whole/parts, man/woman.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through April 1.

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3.11.17 | 5:00 pm


422 Singleton Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75212


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Admission is free.