House Party Theatre presents Julius Caesar

House Party Theatre presents Julius Caesar
Photo courtesy of House Party Theatre

​House Party Theatre presents Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. After collaborating with 508 Park on their fall production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, House Party Theatre returns with a tactical and driving female take on the Roman emperor’s betrayal and murder, putting an intense matriarchal twist to this dominant, fast-moving Elizabethan thriller.

When Brutus (played by SMU alum Sasha Davis) is confronted with the unsettling reality that Caesar (played by Beth Lipton) has become more god than mortal, she has a decision to make. The serpentine Cassius (played by HPT regular Reese Arrington) is anxious to get Brutus on his side as he plans to liberate the people of Rome from such a tyrant. Brutus must ask herself: When you truly believe you are creating a better world, will you kill for that belief?

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4.28.17 | 8:00 pm
4.27.17 | 8:00 pm
4.24.17 | 8:00 pm


508 Park Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201

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