JM Gallery presents Kenneth Burris and Sam Watson: Worlds Within Opening Reception

JM Gallery presents Kenneth Burris and Sam Watson
King of the Mountain, 2015, by Kenneth Burris Photo courtesy of JM Gallery

JM Gallery presents Worlds Within​, a show featuring works by Kenneth Burris and Sam Watson, who both explore the process of creation.

Burris exploits the control and human intimacy of drawing in a collection of dystopian landscapes that question what it means to be “real” in a digital age. His images present mental, social, and physical landscapes that investigate the unrest and alienation many experience in this new world.

Watson brings the inside outside in his bronze figures by literally opening them up to reveal the secrets of the casting process and allowing us to see familiar objects with new eyes. Tools used but normally discarded become essential elements of design. His sculptures make us stop and realize the essential beauty of the mundane structures that hold our worlds together.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through July 16.

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6.4.16 | 5:00 pm


JM Gallery
1722 Routh St. #106
Dallas, TX 75201


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Admission is free.