JM Gallery presents Artist Talk with Jay Bailey

Jay Bailey
Photo courtesy of JM Gallery

Jay Bailey's watercolors are full of life. Fluid contour lines layered with puddles and washes of color appear, on one level, just as the materials they are - ink and paint on white paper. But at the same, the lines, colors, and paper actively coalesce into human figures, as if in real time, creating a dynamic interplay between the materials and the forms they represent. Further, the materials and the figures are each engaging on their own terms. The loose, gestural quality of seemingly uncoordinated stains and lines creates a sense of spontaneity and immediacy. And the emergent figures are all too human; as Bailey describes them, they are deconstructed souls with scars, imperfections, tattoos, and memories.

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12.10.16 | 12:00 pm


1722 Routh St. #106
Dallas, TX 75201


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Admission is free.