JM Gallery presents Concrete/Abstract opening reception

JM Gallery presents Concrete/Abstract
Ryan Rankin, Inside the Brush 1 Photo courtesy of Ryan Rankin

JM Gallery will present Concrete/Abstract, featuring three artists who bring new life to traditional forms. Jay Bailey and Ryan Rankin paint in watercolors, and Delaney Smith crumples, folds, and binds paper into sculpture. The works in this show play with relationships between material and meaning. Ink and paint appear as abstract line and color, but they also coalesce, as if by magic, into classical nude figures and nocturnal forests. Bound sheets of wrinkled paper are unmistakably pages from books, but at the same time they are appealing as abstract, geometric forms. By so openly blending media with subject matter, the artists force viewers to actively engage with their works, making them see familiar forms with new eyes.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through June 6.

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4.25.15 | 5:00 pm


JM Gallery
1722 Routh St. #106
Dallas, TX 75201

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Admission is free.