Judith Miller: Art Deco: Living with the Art Deco Style Book Signing

Judith Miller presents Art Deco: Living with the Art Deco Style
Photo courtesy of Judith Miller

As Judith Miller explains in her introduction, Art Deco completely transformed all branches of design, from the fine and decorative arts to transport, product design, fashion, graphic design and architecture. It is a complex movement that celebrates a myriad of contrasting influences and new developments: machine production and handicraft, tradition and modernity, luxury and affordability, escapism and reality, as well as fascination with Egypt, West Africa and the Orient.

With its streamlined shapes and forward-looking approach, the Art Deco style still looks modern today. In the 1920s and 1930s, designers and craftsmen made innovative use of both natural and man-made materials to produce elegant pieces that broke with tradition and celebrated the future. In this beautifully illustrated guide, antiques expert Judith Miller explores the pivotal designers, manufacturers and pieces of the movement.  From the elegant furniture designs of Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann to the flurry of beautifully intricate perfume bottles, Goldscheider ceramics  and the distinctive travel posters of the period, Judith explains what to look for as a collector.

Art Deco: Living with the Art Deco Style explores all the key collecting areas, with chapters on furniture, glass, ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, silver and jewelry, prints and posters, rugs and textiles. With clear price codes and biographies of key makers and designers, the book also contains "A Closer Look" and "Good, Better, Best, Masterpiece" features comparing ranges of items from makers and factories. With their clean lines and innovative techniques, Art Deco pieces continue to excite collectors today, evoking the glamour and glitter of the inter-war years.

Miller will be at Forestwood Antiques Mall on November 19 and Snider Plaza Antique Shops on November 21.

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11.21.16 | 1:00 pm
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