Kettle Art Gallery presents Art Con Select 2017 opening reception

Kettle Art Gallery presents Art Con Select 2017
Photo courtesy of Kettle Art Gallery

Kettle Art Gallery presents Art Con Select 2017, an exhibition that marks the third year of collaboration on this project between Kettle Art Gallery and Art Conspiracy. Each artist in the exhibit is chosen from 150 artists based on a single piece created for the much-lauded, annual Art Conspiracy fundraiser the previous Fall; and every artist chosen may not have ever exhibited previously at Kettle Art. In keeping with these guidelines, this exhibit adheres to the idealism that Kettle was based on, to welcome and promote emerging and mid-career North Texas artists.

Artists for Art Con Select 2017 include Elizabeth Baca, Jim Campbell, Pamela Danai, Holly Gray, Erika Krivda, Todd Macaulay, Mak, Shoby Modjarrad. Emily Nigma, Eva Semrad, Jiri Semrad, Lauren Shafer, Olivia Themudo, Can Turkyilmaz, and Maggie Turkyilmaz.

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1.12.17 | 7:00 pm


Kettle Art Gallery
2650-B Main St.
Dallas, TX 75226

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Admission is free.