KidFilm 2015: Short Film Showcase II

KidFilm 2015
Photo courtesy of KidFilm

KidFilm 2015 will present Short Film Showcase II, including nine short films featuring a fairy princess, a lonely cupcake, a 14th Century Scotsman, a hungry catepillar, a boy with a crush, a magical bakery, a cat and a dog, an adventurous girl and a lost shepherd in The Very Fairy Princess, Recipe for LoveEideann, The Last Leaf, Shame and Glasses, Twins in the Bakery, Emilie, The Purrfect Pair and Seventh Heaven


Event Details


1.25.15 | 12:30 pm


Angelika Film Center & Cafe
5321 E. Mockingbird Ln.
Dallas, TX 75206


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