Level Gallery presents Jeremy McKane: Found opening reception

Kryptonite by Jeremy McKane
Photo courtesy of Level Gallery

Dallas-based contemporary art space Level Gallery presents a collection of environmentally-charged found object sculptures and prints this spring by artist Jeremy McKane, in collaboration with surfer and model Ashley Baxter, titled Found. The exhibition will feature several found object sculptures and 11 prints from traveling to the most polluted beach in America, Kamilo Beach, Hawaii. Impactful and moving, McKane hopes this body of work will encourage conversation among viewers on the topic of ocean cleanup and the environmental impact of humans today.

Found is the artist's way of carrying on what he set out to accomplish with LUCiD, while encouraging further conversation on the topic of ocean cleanup. Featuring several sculptures and 11 archival prints on watercolor, the exhibition will showcase interesting trash artifacts as art, confronting the viewer with the issue at hand. A result of his first project, the pair was able to go back and research the manufacturers who created these found objects and their place of origin using a rare high resolution flatbed scanner by Kodak. The sculptures come from all parts of the world, places like Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii and even Japan.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through April 23.

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3.24.16 | 6:00 pm


Level Gallery
2722 Logan St.
Dallas, TX 75215


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Admission is free.