The Lights Festival

The Lights Festival is a magical evening that will create memories to last a lifetime. Come celebrate as we put our inhibitions to the side, and our dreams to the sky. In one night, you can change to what you want to become. Let go of your fears, and embrace your true self.

Ticket include a packet, to be picked up at the event, that contains a lantern, marker, and key chain flashlight. Any child under three years old is free to the event. Children ages 4-12 need to purchase a kids ticket for $8; they will receive a swag bag and no lantern. 13 years and older will be charged an adult ticket.

Event Details


10.13.18 | 3:30 pm
11.18.17 | 3:30 pm


LG Motorsports Park
704 E. Houston St.
Anna, TX 75409

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