Little D Markets presents Giovanni Valderas: Tradecraft opening day

Little D Markets presents Giovanni Valderas: Tradecraft
Photo courtesy of Little D Markets

In keeping with Little D Markets’ vision to bridge the gap between local makers and consumers in the city and activate underutilized spaces; Little D Markets debuts a commissioned temporary site-specific artwork by artist Giovanni Valderas.

The site-specific installation Tradecraft aims at bringing two demographics together in effort to encourage a better understanding between each other and to further lessen the gap between the two diverse audiences that inhabit the Oak Cliff Area of Dallas. Tradecraft consists of 14 individual 48 inch tall letters. The 14 individual letters create the phrase, “Quién Los Pararà,” which translates to “Who will stop them.”

At first glance (especially, to non-Spanish speakers), Quién Los Pararà may seem to adopt a pejorative rhetoric but by having the phrase in Spanish, it subverts the original content into a message of empowerment. Quién Los Pararà looks to co-opt words of fear and transcend them into a positive visual presence for the culturally marginalized.

This installation appropriates elements of the piñata in an effort to transform it’s original identity in popular culture from one of mere birthday celebrations to one of a cultural construct; attempting to decipher the complex history between the U.S. and Latin Americas. In addition, utilizing characteristics of the piñata, allows viewers to comfortably engage the artwork and ultimately, aims at provoking a sense of empathy.

Following the opening day, the exhibit will be on display through October 22.

Event Details


9.30.16 | 6:00 pm


444 W. Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75208

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Admission is free.