LuminArte Gallery presents Cultural Revolution artist reception

LuminArte Gallery Presents Cultural Revolution
Venus in a Condo Photo by Joe Vaux

LuminArte Gallery examines the catalysts of cultural evolution in the summer showcase, Cultural Revolution, analyzing the various movements that shape societal changes through depictions of popular culture, consumerism, social and political satire, religion, race relations, feminism, street art and eroticism.

Cultural Revolution showcases local and Texas-based artists, including Patrick McGrath Muniz, Jamie Rice, John Milton, Marcus Aurelius, Aliester Moffitt, Francisco Javier and Jess Robinson, as well as US artists such as Mark Bueno, Eric Carbrey, Martin Stensaas, Salvatore Zagami, Android Jones, Joe Vaux, James Rodriguez and Donna Lee Steffens.  International artists, such as Chris Dyer, Yair Aviv, Andriy Halashyn, Alejandro Leyva, Antonio Guerrero, Nicolantonio Mucciaccia, He Si’en, Viktorija Bulava and Ana Llestin portray artistic perspectives, grounded in the cultures of Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Cuba, Italy, China, Latvia and Spain.

Following the opening reception, the exhibition will be on display through August 8.

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6.27.15 | 7:00 pm


LuminArte Gallery
1727 E. Levee St.
Dallas, TX 75207


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Admission is free.