Mary Tomas Gallery presents Giants opening receptions

Mary Tomas Gallery presents Giants
Adagio In New York, oil on canvas 110” X 98”, artist Johannes Boekhoudt Photo courtesy of Mary Tomas Gallery

Mary Tomas Gallery will present Giants, which explores multiple abstract views taken from the minds of painters across the globe as they use their creativity and skill to produce works that are as big as 72 square feet of canvas surface. Filling a large canvas takes skill, energy, the ability to think larger than life and an experimental attitude. Composition and color theory play a large part in creating works that speak to the viewer on many levels. Show-stopping pieces that fill a room and create conversation is what GIANTS will bring to patrons and viewers.

Featured artists include: Johannes Boekhoudt (Dutch Caribbean/Dallas), known for his explosive, colorful, semi-autobiographical abstracts; Norlan Santana (Central America) creates abstracts with mixtures of oil, beeswax and octopus ink to communicate deep stories of existence; Roy Tamboli (Tennessee) voices his spiritual connection with the grand universe as his colorful abstractions explode off the canvas and envelope you; Fred Villanueva (Dallas) produces concept driven, experimental abstractions that have an underlying figurative and storytelling component in his mural like paintings.

Following the opening reception, the exhibition runs through August 1.

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6.27.15 | 5:30 pm


Mary Tomas Gallery
1110 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207


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Admission is free.