Maverick Dance Company presents Via Dance

Maverick Dance Company presents Via Dance
Photo courtesy of Maverick Dance Company

Maverick Dance Company presents Via Dance, a collection of new, entertaining, and progressive dance works by faculty, guest, and student choreographers. The concert title, Via Dance, is based on a perspective that through dance, we can communicate what is often challenging to put into words, and that dance can simultaneously speak many languages and connect us on a visceral level.

Artistic Director Amanda Jackson and Associate Artistic Director Meredith Knight are joined by live musician Brittany Padilla and student choreographers Zoi Greenhouse, Randi Kosik, Tyler Moore, Jonathan Switzenberg, Natalie Thomas, and Brittany Wachsmann. A variety of dance styles will be presented including modern, jazz, contemporary, salsa, theatrical, and social dance.

Event Details


5.8.16 | 2:30 pm
5.7.16 | 8:00 pm
5.6.16 | 8:00 pm


University of Texas Arlington - Fine Arts Building
502 S. Cooper St.
Arlington, TX 76010


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