Meadows Museum presents Marie Cronin: Between Paris and Texas Opening Day

Lady in Green, 1908 by Marie Cronin
Lady in Green, 1908 (Oil on canvas) by Marie Cronin Photo courtesy of Meadows Museum

Paris emerged in the 19th century as an art center of the Western world; a place of pilgrimage for artists both established and fledgling. As an alternative to France’s national academy, independent centers of artistic training sprouted up in the French capital in the latter decades of the nineteenth century; these stand-alone art schools provided a way to promote and foster the anti-establishment ideals and methods of the avant-garde.

In the French capital in the opening years of the twentieth century, Marie Cronin (1867-1951), an artistic hopeful raised in East Texas, would cross paths with Catalan painter and renowned portraitist Claudio Castelucho (1870-1927). Nearly five years of study with Castelucho in Paris made a lasting impact on Cronin’s art. Upon her return to Texas, Cronin’s training abroad would enable her to secure important portrait commissions of Texas statesmen and political dignitaries. In subsequent years, Cronin had to balance her flourishing artistic career with the practicalities of running a family business when in the mid-1920s, Cronin fell into the position of presiding over a Texas railroad.

Following the opening day, the exhibit will be on display through June 5.

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2.14.16 | 1:00 pm


5900 Bishop Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75205


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