Ochre House Theater presents Blink

Ochre House Theater presents Blink
Photo by Karlo X Ramos

Ochre House Theater will present the world premiere of the musical comedy, Blink, written and directed by Kevin Grammer.

Life goes by in the blink of an eye. What do we do with the time we have? How much do we truly love the people in our lives, and how do we positively affect others with that small amount of time? Derek is a rich young man who only cares about money, power, and status. His wife, family, and friends are the same. Then a sudden brush with death makes him realize that not only is there more to life than superficial things, but love is what ultimately makes our lives whole. It can all be taken away from you, in a blink.

With original songs, puppetry, and an amazing cast, Blink is a crazy comedy with heart and soul, the kind you have come to expect from Ochre House Theater.

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11.21.15 | 8:15 pm
11.20.15 | 8:15 pm
11.19.15 | 8:15 pm
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11.18.15 | 8:15 pm
11.14.15 | 8:15 pm
11.13.15 | 8:15 pm
11.12.15 | 8:15 pm
11.11.15 | 8:15 pm
11.7.15 | 8:15 pm
11.6.15 | 8:15 pm
11.5.15 | 8:15 pm
11.4.15 | 8:15 pm
10.31.15 | 8:15 pm


The Ochre House Theater
825 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226


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