Ochre House Theater presents The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Ochre House Theater presents <i>The Woman Who Knew Too Much</i>
Photo by Trenton Stephenson

Ochre House Theater will present the world premiere of The Woman Who Knew Too Much, written and directed by Kevin Grammer. A woman with no memory of who she is or where she comes from. Who knows her, and how did she lose her memory? Or is she a spy, undercover, trying to solve a mystery with many clues, shady characters, and few answers?

The Woman Who Knew Too Much is a fantasy noir musical that blurs the lines of reality and fantasy.

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2.19.18 | 8:15 pm
2.21.18 | 8:15 pm
2.22.18 | 8:15 pm
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2.23.18 | 8:15 pm
2.24.18 | 8:15 pm
2.28.18 | 8:15 pm
3.1.18 | 8:15 pm
3.2.18 | 8:15 pm
3.3.18 | 8:15 pm


825 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226


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