Pocket Sandwich Theatre presents Rhythmic Souls

Rhythmic Souls
Photo courtesy of Rhythmic Souls

Rhythmic Souls will return to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre, as the professional dance troupe will perform in a new series, Play It By Ear - Volume 1: Experiments in Rhythm, dedicated to the exploration of rhythm and movement.

This diverse company of soulful dancers will explore how rhythm tap melds with different genres of music from jazz, classical and blues to hip-hop, rock and indie music. Dancing to anything and everything like Bach, Miles Davis, Regina Spektor and Michael Jackson, this company is sure to captivate you with their unique blend of style, charisma, innovative choreography and rapid-fire pace footwork.

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2.22.15 | 1:30 pm


Pocket Sandwich Theatre
5400 E. Mockingbird Ln. Suite 119
Dallas, TX 75206


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