Richardson Theatre Centre presents The Unexpected Guest

Richardson Theatre Centre presents The Unexpected Guest
Photo courtesy of Richardson Theatre Centre

Richardson Theatre Centre will present The Unexpected Guest​. A thriller as well as a puzzler set in a foggy estate, this mystery opens as a stranger walks into a house to find a man murdered and his wife standing over him with a gun. But the woman is dazed and her confession unconvincing. So the unexpected guest decides to help her and blame the murder on an intruder. Later, the police discover clues that point to a man who died two years previously and a Pandora's box of love and hate, suspicion and intrigue is opened to the night air.

Groups of 8 or more get $2 off the ticket price.

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4.27.14 | 2:00 pm
4.26.14 | 8:00 pm
4.25.14 | 8:00 pm
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4.24.14 | 7:30 pm
4.19.14 | 8:00 pm
4.18.14 | 8:00 pm
4.17.14 | 7:30 pm
4.13.14 | 2:00 pm
4.12.14 | 8:00 pm


518 W. Arapaho Rd. #113
Richardson , TX 75080


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