Rover Dramawerks presents Towards Zero

Rover Dramawerks Olivia Douglas, Keila Dawson, Maxim Overton
Photo by Carol M. Rice

Rover Dramawerks will present the classic Agatha Christie mystery, Towards Zero.

Neville Strange (played by Maxim Overton) insists it won’t be a problem for his ex-wife Audrey (Olivia Douglas) to visit Lady Tressilian (Nancy Lamb) at the same time as he and his new wife Kay (Keila Dawson), but tensions are understandably high from the start. When Lady Tressilian is brutally murdered, Superintendent Battle (Patrick H. Douglass) of Scotland Yard is on the case to solve the crime. Dame Agatha at her finest!

Rounding out the ensemble cast are Emily Burgardt as Lady Tressilian’s companion Mary Aldin, Stan Kelly as shrewd family friend Mathew Treves, Collin Miller as handsome playboy Ted Latimer, Clint Prentice as the quiet yet observant Thomas Royde, and Steven Sposito as local policeman Inspector Jim Leach.

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