Rover Dramawerks presents 18 Holes

Rover Dramawerks presents 18 Holes
Photo by Carol M. Rice

Rover Dramawerks will present the award-winning comedy-drama 18 Holes, by Gene Kato. Four sets of golfers make their way around the 18 greens of the Brazoria Bend golf course in Southeast Texas: A father (played by Mike Partyka) who must tell his young son (Parker Niksich) that his wife is leaving him, with the help of his best friend (Jared Semen); a golden years couple (played by Ronnie Giddens and Nancy Lamb) constantly bickering over the winning power of a pink golf ball; two slackers (Fernando Hernandez and Clint Prentice) in hot pursuit of the beer girl (Annika Horne); and a collection of ladies (Mary Campbell, Vandi Clark, Christine Engel, and Jessica Roth) from the Sunset Society, an organization of women who wear orange hats, with the aid of a caddy (Jeremiah Johnson).

Guided through the evening by Lyle, the course greenskeeper (played by Doug Latham), and filled with both comedy and drama, this is a true slice of life that everyone can relate to. Winner of the 2007 Rocky Mountain Theatre Association Best Play Award.

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5.16.15 | 8:00 pm
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5.14.15 | 8:00 pm
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