The Silent Disco 2015 Kickoff

Silent Disco 2015 Kickoff
Photo courtesy of The Wilkinson Center

The Silent Disco features great cocktails, music, fun and friends at one of the hottest night spots in Dallas. Each guest receives headphones with three different frequencies; depending on the frequency the guest chooses, the headphones light up in the color that corresponds to a DJ spinning at that moment.  It is called a silent disco because there is no music playing in the background when people take off their headphones.

This event features a raffle that has included packages such as a private party and VIP reservation at Candleroom, a custom sport coat and shirt from Knot Standard. Throughout the evening a live feed of Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts are shared by guests using our Silent Disco hashtag “#wcdisco”. Patrons leave with goodie bags filled with sponsor swag.

Event Details


8.13.15 | 6:00 pm


1414 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207