The Spirit of Taos 2015 benefiting The Wilkinson Center

Spirit of Taos
Photo courtesy of The Wilkinson Center

Through the years, many a heat-weary Texas traveler has made their way to beautiful Taos, New Mexico to enjoy the cool, clean air, the breathtaking mountain views, and the music of Michael Hearne at the Old Blinking Lights restaurant. Sadly, the OBL closed.

In homage to that special Taos experience, the Friends of Wilkinson Center present the Spirit of Taos featuring Michael Hearne and his band South by Southwest. Hosted by the Friends of Wilkinson Center, The Spirit of Taos offers food, entertainment, and fun while supporting a good cause. There’s a cocktail reception, followed by a seated dinner and dancing. A raffle features items like one of a kind jewelry, trips and sports packages.

Event Details


10.23.15 | 7:00 pm


The Lot
7530 E. Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75214


Ticket Info

Indoor tickets for $175 and outside for $125.